Wednesday, 12 June 2013

With the winters not so far away, it's perhaps the ideal time to step up  and kick start the planning and preparations on how to stay cozy, warm and comfortable during the upcoming colder months of the year. One of the simplest way of achieving the same is by installing a nice small gas furnace in your household. Not only are they highly energy-efficient, but at the same time gas furnaces have proved to be more than useful in conditioning air effectively throughout the perimeter of the room. Though the experts recommend hiring the services of a professional technician to install such furnaces, installing a gas furnace is pretty simple to be honest that can be managed single- handedly provided you understand the technical aspects associated with the process. Here’s a  short guide explaining how to proceed with the installation process.

      1)-      The first and most important thing is never every experiment with the gas yourself. Do not turn it on/off or connect it to the furnace before the furnace installation is completely over. Remember that gas can be really very dangerous and therefore it should only be handled by someone who is a professional.

      2)-      Before purchasing a gas furnace, what needs to be done is to evaluate the room dimensions, available space and your specific needs. Different furnaces are presently coming in a wide range of sizes especially designed to satisfy particular area requirements. Therefore, it is up to you to understand your requirements and manage to buy the furnace that ideally suits your individual requirements.

      3)-      Carefully check your wiring and duct work and address even the slightest irregularities found within the system.

      4)-      After starting with the installation process, the total process should preferably be completed at a time without any break ups. Therefore, before installing, make sure that you have purchased all the necessary tools and accessories and have them right in front of you. Almost every gas furnace has its own user manual containing a list of supportive tools required for installation. So, just try to ensure you that nothing goes missing midway through the process.

      5)-      After you have accumulated all the required tools, it’s time to get the furnace installed. Before you start, ensure that all your gas connections are switched off.

      6)-      Ideally, a gas furnace should always be installed in the inner parts of the exterior wall of a room to make sure that the gas lines stay outside away from the room.

      7)-      Coming to drilling holes in the walls for venting purposes, remember to make the holes level. Remember that if the holes are wrongly spaced or slant, rain water can easily move across the duct and hurt the pipelines deadly. Along with this, try not to affix the furnace to the wall directly. Rather, leave at least some space between the furnace and the wall.

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